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I thoroughly enjoyed the permaculture design course presented by Serenity Permaculture. It gave me rivers of organic information and I now have a huge set of tricks and techniques I can implement in may garden for a lifetime. Experience was phenomenal. 

Whitney W

Best Hydroponic course! Really enjoyed the time spent at the Durban hydroponics facility and learnt so much about the hydroponic farm setup. I a prepared & psyched for my hydroponics career in South Africa or around the world. Thanks very much for making this avaialble to me!


HPA definitely sets the standard for Aquaponic courses. I attended the 4 day course and about an hour into the first day's class, I immediately realised that Martin Fick is an authority on the subject of Aquaponics.  I would recommend it strongly and without a doubt.

Paul V

I highly recommend the S.A. permaculture introduction course in Johannesburg! A truly well-run interactive experience, with so much beautiful knowledge to be shared. I learnt so much in those two days, they kept me at the edge of my seat! They provide the perfect balance of theory and practical, so you may put all the interesting knowledge you gain straight to work.

Jamey R

I attended the 2 Day Introduction Permaculture Course at the Serenity Permaculture farm near Port Elizabeth. Wow!! Learnt so many gardening tricks. Absolutely must attend this one.

Damien C

I highly recommend: Hope Permaculture intro & design course near East London


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